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Research study confirms blood test that can identify men with clinically relevant prostate cancer and reduce unnecessary biopsies

14 November 2014: A multicentre research study has confirmed that 4Kscore blood test has excellent ability to identify men likely to have significant (high-grade) prostate cancer, while reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies. This study of 1012 men scheduled to have a prostate biopsy, is the first non-European research study to validate the blood test that measures four kallikreins in human blood (4Kscore), with the authors reporting a 30-58% reduction in unnecessary biopsies depending on the cut-off used.

Although prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men in the UK, use of PSA (prostate-specific antigen) as a screening tool is recognised to be a poor predictor of clinically relevant prostate cancer, and can lead to over diagnosis and overtreatment. As a result, at present there is no national UK screening programme for prostate cancer.

Mr Vincent Gnanapragasam, honorary consultant urologist & lecturer in urology at the University of Cambridge said, “This US study recapitulates the results of earlier European trials that suggested measurement of the four kallikrein blood test can improve the ability to detect clinically significant prostate cancer while reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies in screened populations. As well as demonstrating a high detection accuracy this study also suggests that the test is predictive of the presence of more aggressive prostate cancer in this setting and can help individual patient’s in the decision making process of whether to undergo a prostate biopsy or not. Prostate cancer in it’s early stages produces no symptoms and men with faster growing cancers definitely benefit from early detection and subsequent treatment”.

Prof Gordon Wishart, Professor of Cancer Surgery at Anglia Ruskin University, welcomed these results and said, “ I hope that more widespread introduction of this test will prevent a significant number of men with mildly raised PSA levels from having unnecessary biopsy procedures, while highlighting those patients who are likely to benefit from surgery and other treatments for their prostate cancer”. Prof Wishart, who has been involved in transfer of the technology to do this blood test from the US to the UK added, “we now have evidence from European and US studies that by combining this blood test with clinical information, we now have the ability to better predict if a biopsy will detect prostate cancers that are more harmful and require treatment. I am delighted to have been involved in making the 4Kscore available in the UK through collaboration with ProstateHealth UK, where I am also Medical Director”.

Mr Troels Jordansen, Managing Director of ProstateHealth UK said, “We have been aware of the potential of 4Kscore for the past two years and we are delighted to now include it as part of ProstateCheck, our early detection programme for prostate cancer in the UK. We believe that this represents a major advance in prostate cancer screening and we are extremely pleased that we have been able to offer this latest technology to both private and corporate clients through ProstateHealth UK. The introduction of tests like ProstateCheck signals the end of prostate cancer screening by PSA alone in the UK. Further information about how to arrange this test can be found on our website (www.ProstateHealthUK.com).

Click here to read a copy of the study published in European Urology >

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