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ProstateHealth UK screening services

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At ProstateHealth UK we know that early detection of prostate cancer saves lives. A key role for the ProstateHealthUK team which is headed by Mr Vincent J Gnanapragasam, University Lecturer and Consultant Urologist, is to provide you with clear, accurate and understandable prostate cancer information. We offer prostate cancer screening by way of ProstateCheck, a unique detection service for prostate cancer that includes a PSA test. Our Prostate Cancer screening service is available in private clinics across the UK for individuals and corporations wishing to offer occupational health screening to their employees.

Our early detection programme, ProstateCheck,comprises three simple steps:

  1. Information and advice about PSA (Prostate specific antigen) testing including the pros and cons
  2. An online prostate cancer risk assessment based on lifestyle, symptoms and family history
  3. A PSA blood test and our unique hK2 (Human Kallikrein 2) cancer specific biomarker testing which can considerably reduce the rate of unnecessary biopsy in patients with raised PSA levels.

Results are available within 2-3 weeks of screening along with a letter confirming whether further investigation is required.

Why Choose ProstateHealth UK?

Our services are backed by a team of specialists and consultants so any prostate problems can be quickly identified and dealt with. Our service offers you the following benefits

  • Men of all ages will benefit from a greater understanding of prostate cancer and ProstateCheck is suitable for men over 40.
  • Early detection can save lives
  • We will give you the facts to help you make a decision about taking a PSA test
  • We offer a unique biomarker screening service (hK2) that can reduce the risk of unnecessary biopsies considerably and provide a more accurate result.
  • We will assess your lifestyle and family history as well as your symptoms
  • We will provide results of your PSA test within 1-2 weeks along with advice about any further investigations
  • We can provide our services without a GP referral so you can arrange an appointment when it is convenient to you
  • We are opening new ProstateHealth clinics across the country all the time so you can find a clinic that is convenient to you
  • Our service is quick. No long waiting lists so you can deal with any prostate problems quickly. You can book an appointment today.
  • We offer occupational health screening programmes so you can implement early detection schemes for your employees
  • Privacy and confidentiality is ensured throughout the process and ProstateHealth UK is regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Finally, probably the most important service we can offer you is peace of mind. Prostate problems don’t need to be a worry as we can help reassure you through our early detection screening. For more information about our prostate cancer screening and PSA tests, to find a clinic or book an appointment please browse our site. If you would like to speak to someone or book an appointment please contact us.

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