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Prostate cancer screening

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ProstateCheck the early detection prostate cancer screening programme

There is no national prostate cancer screening programme in the UK, and it is unlikely that one will be introduced in the near future. Using one stand-alone test, such as a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test, can lead to many false positives which means unwarranted further investigations including biopsy of the prostate gland. With the introduction of ProstateCheck, a service combining a risk assessment, a unique blood test and personalised prostate cancer screening programme, 30-50% of all unnecessary biopsies can be eliminated.

What is ProstateCheck?

ProstateCheck is a unique prostate cancer screening service comprising:

  • An online symptomatic and risk assessment questionnaire
  • A unique blood test that offers feedback on up to 4 biomarkers including PSA and hK2 (in men with an elevated PSA, measurement of hK2 and other markers will be performed to increase the accuracy of the results and reduce the risk of unnecessary prostate biopsy).
  • Personalised prostate cancer screening programme
  • Results letter within 3 weeks

Please note: ProstateCheck is only available to corporate customers in the UK. If you are a self-pay customer, please visit our PSACheck page.

Why will it benefit your employees?

The chances of survival from prostate cancer are extremely high in men whose tumours are diagnosed when there are few symptoms and when the disease is confined to the prostate gland. ProstateCheck also reduces the risk of unnecessary biopsies and associated risks.

When will the results be available?

Within 3 weeks of the test, employees will receive a results letter and personalised early detection programme. For men with an elevated PSA the results letter will also identify their risk of developing a high-grade tumour.

Which employees will benefit?

  • Men over the age of 40 +/- family history of prostate, breast or ovarian cancer
  • Men of all ages will benefit from a greater understanding of prostate cancer

For corporate enquiries, contact us via telephone on 0800 085 6663, or email us at [email protected].

Affordable prostate cancer screening
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