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Prostate cancer biomarkers in PSA tests

The Role of Prostate Cancer Biomarkers in PSA Test Accuracy

The primary method for early detection of prostate cancer is the PSA test but, this test alone can give false positives resulting in a lot of men having to undergo unnecessary biopsies. This is why ProstateHealthUK believe we have a unique offering that improves PSA test accuracy that can reduce the risk of unnecessary biopsies by up to 50%.

ProstateHealth UK has the licence for hK2 (Human Kallikrein 2), a prostate cancer biomarker that when incorporated with the standard PSA test provides a more accurate method of detecting prostate cancer.

The 4 panel detection tool to improve PSA test accuracy

ProstateCheck, combining PSA and new biomarkers, results in fewer men being recommended for biopsy. Whilst nothing is risk-free, the majority of those men who would have undergone biopsy with a standard PSA and who are then recommended not to undergo a biopsy having ProstateCheck, will not have prostate cancer.

To illustrate this further of every 1,000 men who have a high PSA and would nowadays be recommended for biopsy, ProstateCheck can reduce the number of men recommended for biopsy by about a half (only 500 recommended for biopsy). Within this 500, around 60 men would have a missed prostate cancer because they wouldn’t have been recommended for biopsy, but most (81.1%) of these missed cancers are of very low-risk category.

We believe that the ProstateCheck will result in fewer men being sent for biopsy and reduce the risk of biopsies with a good chance that the more significant cancers will still be detected.

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